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Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed car transport services offer several benefits. For example, you can have a guaranteed pickup and delivery date. In addition, you can contact the driver directly and track your car in real time. You can also request a delivery update. Some transport services even offer insurance. However, you should do some research before signing on with a company.

Hard-sided enclosed carriers

If you need your vehicle transported from one place to another, it’s best to use a hard-sided enclosed carrier. These trailers provide extra protection for your automobile during transportation and are best suited for collector cars and exotic cars. These trailers are fully enclosed with a hydraulic lift gate to prevent damage during transport. Hard-sided carriers are typically more expensive than soft-sided carriers, but they are more secure than open-air trailers.

These enclosed carriers are typically smaller than open carriers. They also offer better protection from inclement weather and road debris. These carriers also come with climate control, which is especially beneficial for cars and other valuable items.

Hydraulic lift gates

Hydraulic lift gates are elevator-like devices that are usually used to load an enclosed car transport trailer. They provide the safest loading and unloading process possible for vehicles with low ground clearance. The gates raise up to the vehicle’s bed, minimizing the risk of damage.

Enclosed car transport carriers offer protection from weather conditions and damage during shipping. These types of carriers also provide easy access and unloading. They are an excellent choice for classic or exotic cars. They also feature hydraulic lift gates, which allow the driver to open and close them easily. In addition, many hydraulic lift gates are equipped with drop floors, which can make it easier to load and unload vehicles.

Enclosed car trailers are climate controlled and can accommodate more vehicles than an open car trailer. In addition to that, they feature secure straps to protect the vehicle’s suspension. They also provide an easy loading solution for vehicles with low ground clearance. These features are not available with¬†enclosed auto transport open transport.


Enclosed car transport involves the shipment of vehicles using an enclosed trailer. This minimizes exposure to the elements, including theft and fire. In the United States, over $4 billion worth of cars are stolen each year, and most of these are lost during transportation. Fortunately, insurance covers lost or stolen vehicles.

When choosing an enclosed carrier, make sure that the company provides insurance that covers your vehicle during shipping. Some companies will provide insurance for your car as long as you notify them of its shipping. However, such insurance only covers damage to the exterior of the vehicle and not the interior. Getting a quote from several companies is the best way to get a clear picture of your options.

The insurance coverage provided by auto transport companies depends on the type of car you’re shipping. Many policies don’t cover antique or exotic cars. Some even don’t cover brand-new cars. Always ask the auto transport company for specific details about its insurance policy.

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