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Things You Should Know About Auto Glass Services

When your windshield is damaged, you’re going to want to get it fixed quickly. But, before you hire someone to do so, there are some things that you should know about the company and auto glass in general.

Windshield repairs and replacements are complex. For example, it is very important to use the right materials and tools for the job. Equalizer Tools, a company that sells tools developed by actual technicians in the field, has a line of auto glass repair and replacement tooling that includes everything you need to do your job well. The tooling is designed to make the job easier and quicker, resulting in higher quality jobs with less downtime.

Another area where the job gets complicated is when the windshield is equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). This technology uses sensors that are often located in the vehicle’s windshield. When these are replaced, or if they’re removed for any reason, a recalibration is required to ensure that the ADAS features still work properly. This is a significant additional step that can cause delays and add to the cost of the repair or replacement.

The biggest variable in calculating auto glass replacement costs is the type of car that you drive. This is because the glass has to be made for that specific model and it can vary in quality, size and features. For instance, the same windshield for a Honda Civic can be purchased at many different prices, depending on the manufacturer’s supply chain.

Most shops will ask you to provide the make, model and trim of your vehicle when you call them for an online quote. They’ll also ask you about any specific features your vehicle has, such as a heated windshield park area or rain sensors, as these can impact the price of the repair or replacement.

A good auto glass service will offer both OEM and original equipment equivalent (OEE) auto glass. Both types of glass meet the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications, but OEM glass is manufactured specifically with your vehicle in mind, ensuring a precise fit and better performance. OEE glass is cheaper, but it may not offer the same fit and can cause issues like water leaks, noise and optical distortion.

Lastly, the best auto glass services will include a warranty for their work. This is because not all repairs and installations will be perfect, and the warranty covers any mistakes that you might encounter down the road. In addition, warranties are a great way to build customer trust and encourage repeat business.

Whether your windshield needs repair or replacement, a reputable and reliable auto glass service will take care of you with quality workmanship, fast scheduling, convenient locations, and nationwide availability. They’ll even deal with your insurance provider to make the process as painless as possible. So, be sure to contact your local shop and get a free estimate today! You’ll be glad you did.


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